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A Mixed Picture 05 June 2024

A mixed picture this month with news ranging from "recent recovery in buyer demand stalls" from the RICS through to "prices surge as properties fly off the shelves" from Home.co.uk.
The summary table of the indices shows that those tracking sales from listings online through to needing a mortgage are now seeing small rises year on year (bar Zoopla) – while those slightly later in the buying process are still recording property price falls year on year.... Read More

Government withdraws new electrical safety guidance for rental sector!!! 20 June 2020

The government has withdrawn its latest electrical safety checks guidance for the private rental sector, with immediate effect. However, there remains errors even in the "old" guidance re-issued today.

Late yesterday the government published amended guidance but ARLA Propertymark spotted that it contradicted previous advice on deadlines, creating confusion as to which tenancies required which checks.... Read More

Court boost for private rental sector after key S21 Judgement 20 June 2020

Successes for the private rental sector may seem few and far between these days but the Court of Appeal has now given a legal boost following a key judgement on repossessions.

The case of Trecarrell v Rouncefield centred on the relationship between Section 21 notices and gas safety certificates.... Read More

Fitness For Human Habitation 19 March 2020

The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act came into force across the country on the 20th March 2019.

The act is designed to ensure all rented accommodation is of a good standard, giving tenants means of redress against landlords who neglect responsibility and provide substandard property.... Read More

Are You an accidental Landlord? 10 March 2016

A little-known piece of EU legislation could see so-called accidental landlords refused cheaper mortgages - because they can"t afford them.

The EU Mortgage Credit Directive, which comes into effect in the UK this month, is designed to prevent ‘risky" mortgage lending and redefines landlord mortgages as "consumer lending", making them subject to stricter lending criteria.... Read More


Thankfully most of our tenants are good, respectable and clean, but occasionally I get asked by my Landlords when tenants check out, WHY did they do that to my property and HOW could they live like that...well according to a new study, an overwhelming majority (80%) of tenants believe that their landlords, YOU, should pay for damage they have caused when their tenancy ends.... Read More

What will happen next!!! 24 October 2015

With a lack of properties now coming on to the market, most areas of the Country are seeing a risee in house prices, especially in London, where prices are rising above their pre 2007 high.

But does this equate to selling your property. Just becuase there isnt a lot of stock on the market, doesnt mean to say that, espicially in the areas further away from the London "hotspots", that the buyers will pay these increased prices and the properties still have to survey at the asking price or you may find alot more sales falling through at survey, due to buyers having to find more deposit to put down on top of the usual amoounts.... Read More

Landlords have to pay their tenants TV licence!!! 24 October 2015

Did you know that if you provide your tenant(s) with a television, YOU are responsible for their televiosn licence!!! Read More

Smoke Alarm & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Law Changes 14 September 2015

From October, landlords will be required to install working smoke alarms on each floor of their property and for a working carbon monoxide alarm to be installed where a solid fuel appliance is present. All alarms must meet the relevant British Standards.... Read More

Landlords Will Leave Market If Rent Controls Introduced... 02 February 2015

Three out of five landlords would leave, or consider leaving, the private rented market if rent controls were introduced.

New figures also reveal that the majority of landlords plan to freeze their rents in 2015.

The findings come after Residential Landlords Association (RLA) chairman, Alan Ward, warned that proposals for rent controls will leave tenants worse off.... Read More

Landlords Face Ticking Timebomb Of Energy Compliance... 02 February 2015

Landlords are at risk of financial penalties and being unable to let their properties if they fail to meet minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES) that come into play in 2018.

Law firm Maples Teesdale has warned that the new standards equate to a ticking time bomb that could have a detrimental impact on rental income and property values if left unaddressed.... Read More

Know The Plan 01 January 2015

Do your tenants know the plan if a fire were to break out at your property!

A number of fire services are currently running campaigns to help improve awareness of fire safety for both residents and landlords of flats, high rise buildings and houses of multiple occupation (HMOs).... Read More