Uk Property Amongst The Most Sought After

Date Published 17 November 2011

In terms of global destinations, the UK, perceived as a safe haven for real estate investment, was the top choice for nearly a third of potential buyers followed by the USA and interestingly the BRIC economy of Brazil in joint second and rising star, Turkey in fourth position. Traditional lifestyle favourites including France, Spain and Portugal did rank within the top 10 destinations however a number of Asian nations including Malaysia, China and Singapore also ranked highly.

Commenting on the findings, Chief Executive of Property Frontiers, Ray Withers, said: "Our annual investor survey is extremely useful for us in assessing the state of the market. As a customer focussed organisation, we try our hardest to listen to our clients' and the market needs and offer investments that make sound fundamental sense.

"Over the past year we have seen a huge increase in demand for UK property especially buy-to-let so we are not surprised to see this level of interest continue into 2012 and whilst we remain in uncertain economic times, Security and Capital Growth will prevail over riskier, often higher yielding opportunities."

Interestingly despite fears of a double-dip recession, the investment sector in 2011 has seen signs of life with over half of survey respondents revealing that they had made an investment in the last 12 months with the UK, USA and eco products the most popular.