Smoke Alarm & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Law Changes

Date Published 14 September 2015

From October, landlords will be required to install working smoke alarms on each floor of their property and for a working carbon monoxide alarm to be installed where a solid fuel appliance is present. All alarms must meet the relevant British Standards.

It will be the landlords' responsibility and legal obligation to install and initially test all alarms. All residential premises, where occupants pay rent will have to meet these new regulations.
There is a penalty risk of a £5000 fine for failing to fit working alarms at the start of a tenancy.

When this legislation comes into force it will be the tenants' responsibility, to regularly test the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in their rental property. This legislation is applicable to all residential premises where occupants pay rent.

Act Now and test all alarms in rented accommodation!

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