Date Published 24 October 2015

Thankfully most of our tenants are good, respectable and clean, but occasionally I get asked by my Landlords when tenants check out, WHY did they do that to my property and HOW could they live like that...well according to a new study, an overwhelming majority (80%) of tenants believe that their landlords, YOU, should pay for damage they have caused when their tenancy ends.

Conducted by, the study also found that over 90% of tenants say they have tried to hide the damage from their landlord with one in ten admitting to causing more than £500 worth of damage to their rented property.

A further 72% of tenants said they ended up in a dispute with their landlord over the property damage.

The research also shows that the most common damage caused by tenants is stains to carpet from food, wine and paint (69%), followed by pet damage to curtains and floor coverings (51%); cigarette burns to soft furnishings and carpets (47%); damage to kitchen cabinet doors (33%); scratches and dents to doors, door frames and skirting (28%); and burns and marks to kitchen surfaces (19%).